Deli Manager FAQs


Where do I find employment vacancies?

All employment vacancies are nationally advertised and available by clicking on the Apply online tab on the right hand side, and then following the instructions on the page to find the particular vacancies in the 10 Jordan stores.

How will I know if I am chosen for an Interview?

We will email or phone you to confirm an interview date with you, it is important before the interview you understand the position you are interviewing for and have an understanding of the Jordan’s Stores.

Is there a minimum education level needed to apply?

Here at the Jordan’s group we do not have a minimum education standard within our stores we have varying levels of education from Junior Certificate to Masters Degrees, all we ask is that you are honest on your application.

What is the Jordan’s group looking for in me?

In applying for a Deli Manager we need to see a hard working individual that is motivated with relevant experience in a delicatessen department. In summary we look for a person that is customer focused, proud to work with us, energetic in their individual role in store, innovative in ideas they bring to the job and enthusiastic in everything they do from day to day.

What training will I receive?

The Jordan’s group has a dedicated team of people developing training for its employees in order to invest in their future. We also have an extensive database of e-learning content in order to refresh learning as well as a managerial training programme which is conducted on a monthly basis to ensure every manager is sufficient in his/her operations in store.

What rate of pay will I be on?

The Jordan’s group do not disclose the rate of pay of it sales assistants, however the rate of pay is based on the experience and motivation of the applicant.

Where do I apply?