Oxegen 2010

In 2010 Jordan's Centra went on the adventure of a life time when we set up 2 shops in Punchestown for the Oxegen Festival. In total it took 4 weeks, 50 people and the right attitude to create the Jordan Groups biggest success story. The dedication, innovation and hard work of its Centra employees meant that the store performed to the highest standards while providing excellent customer service and the goods and services that customers needed in such a cultural and memorable festival.

"A Gang of Centra Customers enjoying a break at our red camp Centra Store."
"To Brighten up your day"

The Oxegen Entrance

Our Home for 2 Weeks!

Our Red Camp Store

It took 2 full trucks to stock one of our stores!

A gang enjoying the festival!

Alan Jordan-Managing Director  outside store

Enjoying the Music

Muddy day at Oxegen

Our store inside!

Our selcetion of Munchies

Our drinks to quinch a thrist

We provide fresh bread daily!

Alan Jordan managing director and Sarah Leonard the red camp store manager

Arriving at the Red Camp

Fun times!

Keeping Service 100%

Excellent Service as always