Working for Jordan's Centra

Welcome to Jordan's Centra

Our Centra brand essence is built on:

“Shaping convenience through ideas that make a difference to
modern living today”

The values that underpin the Jordan's Centra Stores are based on making life easier for the customer through creating a store environment with innovative products & services and staff who are engaged with the store and their roles. "Bright Ideas for Everyday Living" is all about the things, both big and small, that can make life easier for the customers in our community.

We at Jordan’s Centra Stores are:

At Centra we care about our customers, we take a personal interest in ensuring that each and every customer has a positive experience in the Store
At Centra we care about making everyday life easier for the customer, in every way we can. Our Customer Care philosophy is based on our brand values.
At Centra we are friendly and upbeat. Our people are interested in our customers and in providing solutions to make their lives easier. We create a warm, cheerful environment through friendly service and staff who go above and beyond to ensure that customers get what they need.
At Centra we know that our shoppers have a wide range of needs and we seek to meet and exceed these needs all the time, providing convenient and inspiring solutions in both products and services.
At Centra we pride ourselves on being an integral part of the local community. We are committed to providing products & services that serve our community while also contributing to and enhancing local life.
At Centra we are imaginative about how we present our products, our services and ourselves. We create a Store that is engaging and offers something different.
At Centra we are restless and always looking for new ways to satisfy our shoppers and make their lives easier.