In 2000 Alan Jordan founded Jordan's Centra. Previously Alan Jordan had begun working for Quinnsworth in 1988 working his way from a trainee manager to a store manager. Mr Jordan hoped ultimately to become his own boss as he had always harboured an interest in owning his own business. Today, the Jordan Group are one of Ireland's largest retailers operating 10 stores throughout Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

Jordan's Centra Springfield

Then in 2002 the Springfield store was acquired on the 8th of March .The Springfield store in Tallaght was a much larger store totalling 314 square metres. Interestingly the Springfield store was very different to the previously bought Tower Road store. This store was an independent non branded store, but with the potential to grow dramatically as the Centra brand could bring a lot to improving this store. The Jordan Group could offer a new perspective and importantly a chance to improve store standards and customer service to the local community. Musgrave's Plc. supported this store in its development and transition from an independent store to a Jordan's Centra. A limited amount of money was spent on the store but the way the store did business dramatically changed with improved policies, training for staff and basic regular cleaning of the store in order to enhance the ambiance and customer appeal. Jordan's Centra was re-launched to the public in order to give it a new lease of life with the added benefit of an alcohol department in order to increase the customer choice within the store.

Jordan’s Centra Castletymon

In early December 2004 Castletymon was launched as a Jordan's Centra.

Jordan’s Centra Caragh

In December, the fifth store presented a very different investment opportunity as it offered potential store growth as well as a development opportunity to increase the square footage of the site and to create a central headquarters. This was deemed necessary as at the time the Jordan Group had outgrown its original headquarters in the Springfield store.

Another large advantage of this was that a hub could be developed for up-skilling managers and to further train it's employees. The store was again an independently owned store with an ideal location as it was strategically located across the road from a school. This store was re-launched as a Jordan's Centra store in 2005 totalling 244 square metres in size. As the Company began to grow substantially and with the economic prosperity at the time, the headquarters was strategically placed in Caragh Co. Kildare in 2006 above the newly owned Centra store. This would also greatly assist in the development  of having a centralised area where all information could be collected, processed and delivered.

Jordan’s Centra Killinarden

In December 2006 Jordan's Centra in Killinarden was completely re-developed as it was a new unit built below newly developed apartments. This is the largest of the stores totalling 484 square metres in size and on November 8th this Store was opened in Tallaght Dublin 24.

Jordan’s Centra Rathcoole/Blessington/Johnstown/Curragh Grange

The Jordan Group then expanded investing in 4 more Centra's, the stores were seen as a natural fit with the Jordan Group as all the stores were geographically located within an average distance of 20-25 minutes from each other and the six other previous owned stores. In late February 2007 these stores became part of the Jordan Group.

Jordan’s Centra Currently

Currently the Jordan Group employs 175 staff and operates 8 stores across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow and hopes to expand into the future. Alan Jordan states:
"Looking to the future, with hard work and dedication we hope to expand further, with the core of our business being on the customer and the service they receive in our stores"