Training & Development

As the Human Resources Manager within the Jordan Group, I have eight years experience in the day to day operations of the store as well as an in-depth insight into the procedures and policies of the Jordan's Centra stores.

Within the last 5 years I have gained vital insight into the dramatic changes of improved store design, efficiency and improved strategies of retailing through the recession from 2007 to present and the current issues facing retail training in stores today.

Within the Stores to date I have facilitated training of all staff  and have managed health and safety operations and have developed incentivised initiatives to improve efficiency, performance and overall competitiveness of the stores.

Looking to the future the hope is to equip our employees with the key skills in retail in order for them to deal with the ever changing retail environment and to satisfy the special needs of our customers. Bruno notes;
"With the Launch of the Jordan Group Training Excellence Academy (TEA) and the development of our e-learning platform I believe we are leading the way in terms of providing training & development for our employees."