Monday 16th April, 2012: Centra, Ireland’s largest convenience ret



Centra, Ireland’s largest convenience retailer, has announced today that they have launched a new innovative loyalty programme.  “Centra Smile” is a unique loyalty solution that is being trialled in Jordan’s Centra in Springfield in addition to 15 other Centra stores across the country.  The new loyalty programme, which has been available for only two weeks, has proven to be a huge success with Centra’s customers who have been queuing to sign up. On completion of the trial, the loyalty programme will be rolled out to all Centra stores nationwide.

Centra developed this new loyalty programme as it recognises that consumers are constantly seeking new ways to save money. Centra Smile is their way of giving back and rewarding consumers in unexpected and surprising ways for shopping at Centra.  In essence, it is a loyalty card that will brighten up shopper’s days and make them smile by delivering free treats.  Rewards vary from free coffee, to a free packet of biscuits, a treat on your birthday, to a free evening meal!  The more you shop in Jordan’s Centra in Springfield the more random treats you get.


The Centra Smile loyalty solution is simple to register for, simple to use and simple to understand with no complicated points system.  Registration can be done via the Centra Smile iPhone and Android App or an application form can be collected in-store. Consumers can scan their phone app or fob every time they shop in Centra Springfield and they will be notified of their random rewards via their app or their preferred contact option.


Alan Jordan, Store owner of Centra in Springfield said: “We are delighted to be able to announce the launch of this loyalty programme trial in our Springfield store. We are grateful that our customers have continued shopping with us and this unique programme will hugely benefit them. By signing up in-store or registering on their mobile phone, shoppers will be rewarded with free treats and products.”


For more information on Centra Smile visit Jordan’s Centra in Springfield. Alternatively visit or download the Centra Smile app.

Annually the Jordan Group supports the charity GOAL in order to raise funds for the developing world.  Over the past three years, the GOAL mile has grown to become one of Jordan’s Centra’s most popular annual fundraiser. This year more than 100 people turned up to run a mile to raise funds for GOAL. For all those who took part in the GOAL mile thank-you for taking the time to help us raise money for work in the developing world.