Shamrock Rovers Season Winners

In order to celebrate Jordan's Springfield's 10th Birthday we decided to organise a competition to further support the local community. The prize was the chance to win a season pass to shamrock rovers stadium, we congratulate all the winners and hope they enjoy their season pass to Sharock Rovers Stadium.


Pictured outside Jordan's Centra the winners of the compeition: Alan Jordan managing director, Dermot McNeill, shamrocl rovers manager, Craig Doyle, Colm McMahon, Steve Kenny, Martin & Amber Bates & Sarah Leonard.

Alan Jordan,Steve Kenny, Manager Shamrock Rovers, Winner Dermot McNeill & grandson Craig Doyle,

Alan Jordan, Managing Director,Steve Kenny, Manager Shamrock Rovers,Winner Martin Bates with daughter Amber & Store Manager Sarah Leonard.

Alan Jordan,Steve Kenny, Manager Shamrock Rovers,Winner Colm McMahon & Store Manager Sarah Leonard.

Annually the Jordan Group supports the charity GOAL in order to raise funds for the developing world.  Over the past three years, the GOAL mile has grown to become one of Jordan’s Centra’s most popular annual fundraiser. This year more than 100 people turned up to run a mile to raise funds for GOAL. For all those who took part in the GOAL mile thank-you for taking the time to help us raise money for work in the developing world.